Let’s be honest… OVERWHELM is one of the biggest enemies to our success, so we should do our best to avoid it.

What often happens is we try to tackle too much at a time and we end up buried in a mountain of seemingly impossible tasks, so we burn out, give up, cry, beat ourselves or procrastinate (you can add your own version). But basically the end result is neither healthy, nor helpful.

So how can we recognise the signs of overwhelm when it comes to social media and avoid what leads to it?!

I’ve made a list of 7 reasons for overwhelm with social media…based on my clients’ and my own experience.

Trying to do it all and being on every social media network simply does not work. Whether you already have a profitable business or are just starting out, having a strategy behind your efforts is crucial for your growth. It will enable you to focus only on what’s a priority in your business right now and is going to bring you results.

Talking about focus, time-blocking is a great way to ensure you are not wasting time on non-essential tasks in your business and instead focus on your IGAs (income generating activities). Those early stages of building a business as a one-man-band can be challenging, so using saving your energy for the important stuff should be on your priority list too.:)

If you want to make your life easier and let your creative juices flowing when crafting your content, it’s best to have branded templates you can re-use and tweak as you go. Unless design is your ‘thing’, why spend hours on a simple image, instead of putting your genius into your copy. Just saying.;)

That should be pretty self-explanatory. Use tools and softwares to help you automate as many of your actions as possible to free up some space for bigger things like creating new offers, building relationships, doing collaborations and so on.

The lack of content pillars is certainly a huge reason for overwhelm when it comes to building your social media presence.

They are at the heart of your communication strategy and can help you share content which is very relevant to your ideal clients, even if you are put on the spot. (more about that in future posts)

This one should be the easiest but is often the hardest to apply. And I must say… for it to work, you need consistency and time. Take a moment at the end of each week to review your progress and see if you have taken the necessary action to move your business forward.

If it’s not bringing you joy, what’s the point of it all? One thing I’ve learned is that if I don’t enjoy it, I can put it off or feel exhausted when I push it, and that’s not going to lead to productivity, nor is it going to attract more of my ideal clients. So let’s keep the fun in our businesses – it’s better for everyone! 🙂

Finally, if you are experiencing overwhelm, I’d love to be able to support you and help you go from frustrated to flourishing. Simply send me a message or book a call so we can have a chat and see how we can move you from overwhelmed to overjoyed.

want more?

Here is my gift to you

I created this guide with you in mind, because I know how challenging it can be to stand out in a crowded space.

I also know what’s inside can help take away the overwhelm of figuring out how to use social media to grow your personal brand and connect with your ideal client.