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Hi, I’m Kalina.


I help female coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs build BRAVE personal brands and connect with their ideal clients on social media. This year I’m on a mission to empower more women to be unapologetically brave in showing up online with their business.

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Stop doing these things ASAP

Stop doing these things ASAP

Girl, we've all been there, but as the Lion King wise monkey says: IT IS TIME! 🙂 👠   Perfectly DONE is better than done perfectly. Why waste time? We're learning and improving as we grow. A year from now you'll be light years ahead and that's okay, but for those who...

5 aspects of your business you should be working on

5 aspects of your business you should be working on

I don't know about you but I love the new beginnings... While there are many unknowns, there's also so much excitement! I'm well aware that this year (and the future in general) will be full of unknowns, but let's not let that put us into a 'freeze' mode. What if we...

A personal brand to remember

A personal brand to remember

I remember looking at this photo and thinking 'My brand looks and feels exactly how I imagined it' - I'm not saying this to brag, bear with me, please. I was finally happy to show up as myself and feel comfortable with it... Yes, visuals (both photos and post...

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