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social media strategy

for female entrepreneurs

Hi, I’m Kalina.

I help female business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs connect with their ideal clients on social media and build a personal brand that stands out.

Need a social media strategy?

Download my value-packed guide to learn 7 social media strategies you can use to grow your personal brand and get more clients.


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Kalina is extremely knowledgeable and her suggestions, advice and support has proven extremely beneficial. Her attention to detail is excellent and she certainly knows her business. I cannot recommend her enough. She is now my "go to" person moving forward.

Helena Underwood, Business Owner

We had the opportunity to work with Kalina Allen. We looked at strategies and channels for more effective online positioning, branding and creating messages that correspond to our mission. I strongly recommend working with Kalina, it’s an easy, smooth and straightforward process that also gives you a valuable external perspective.

Bilyana Lesidrenska, Co-Founder of Botanic Lab

Being scared was what prevented me from taking any further steps towards starting my business. I probably wouldn't have started it yet, if it wasn't for this magnificent lady who believed in me, supported me and walked alongside me during the "birth" of my business. The more we talked and looked at a variety of social media strategies to help me promote my business online, the more possible and easier it felt. It was like having a friend by my side.

Sisi Slavov, Business Owner

Kalina is an awesome, warmhearted, open and honest person. She is a great professional, eager to deliver the best possible service for her clients. It is very easy to communicate with her. Kalina is a great choice to work with, as well as a good supporter, motivator and mentor!

Polly Arnaudova, Personal Stylist

Believe you can, but don’t stop there… Act on it. There is no better time than now.